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Character Creation

in which the characters are born

For the first session, we just made characters.

The plan is to start with traditional fantasy D&D characters and then we’ll run through one of the adventures from Well of Worlds – “To Baator and Back.” Once the party finishes the adventure and arrives in Sigil, we’ll take stock and players will have the opportunity to make new characters or keep their existing ones, etc.

I fleshed out the world a bit by asking characters specific questions about their characters’ histories, letting them just flesh things out. All the details here were worked out by the group as an explanation of how & why they know each other.

Elric, Belker Bitterleath IV, & Ragnar the Red were soldiers in a war of aggression against the cosmopolitan, mercantile city-state of Tesch. It was a brutal war, and Elric isn’t proud of what he got a medal for. After the war, Ragnar the Red disappeared into the frontier.

Ragnar the Red attacked and slaughtered a dwarven trade caravan, only leaving Turga Killdrak alive. Belker Bitterleath IV, now a bounty hunter, and Elric were hired to track down the madman and “deal with him.” They hired Adrin Xiloscent as a local guide.

They tracked Ragnar the Red down and killed him. They suspect he might have actually been possessed by some dark spirit, but couldn’t find any proof.

Now they’ve returned to town and are drowning their sorrows/celebrating in the local tavern when they overhear the locals talking about “the old wizard’s place” on the outskirts of town. Apparently some locals broke in there recently & hear a roar from deep inside – and one of them disappeared…

Playtest Notes

So we mainly just did character creation, and it was all from the playtest files I had on my iPad. I felt like the whole process was terribly annoying & boring – lots of players just waiting around for their turn – but I guess I was just being paranoid, as everyone said they had fun.

Specific comments:

  • race, class, background, & specialty seems like too many choices
  • more complicated rules made you more invested in character
  • specialties and backgrounds gave charcters more flavor, and subraces
  • liked background non-combat thing
  • favorite thing: background, race & class had sub-options
  • leaset favorite thing: character sheet

Next time we’ll actually get into some adventure.


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