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The Eternal Boundary, part 1

In which the PCs are berated by the Bleaker soup kitchen chef

After a year acclimating themselves to Sigil (the players basically brainstormed and came up with a summary of what their characters did in the intervening time from levels 1 to 3), Adrin Xiloscent is summoned by Bendon Mawl, a high-up in the Sensates. Apparently they need to talk to a sage by the name of Eliath – but he went barmy a while back and now he’s outright disappeared. The PCs will have to go into the Hive and track him down.

The crowded slums of Sigil, the Hive is an unpleasant place. The first encounter the PCs actually have is a beggar coming up to Adrin Xiloscent asking for alms. They give him one, only to notice that apparently the beggar was a distraction for a pickpocket who stole one of their healing packs and raced off into the crowd.

Their first stop was at the Gatehouse, Sigil’s biggest charity, run by the “compassionate nihilists”, the Bleak Cabal. Belker Bitterleath IV attempts to get some information about barmies, but is instead treated to a biting rant about the ultimate meaninglessness of life and existence.

On their way through the hive, the PCs encounter Daz, a gnarled little peddler who set up shop across an alleyway, dangling his “magical amulets guaranteed to ward off evil yes yes yes” right in the path of any passers by. “They work! They work! You don’t see any evil enchantments, do you?!” Elric buys one to jog Daz’s memory, and finds out that lots of barmies have been killed lately, so they might want to check at the Mortuary.

The part decides to split up at that point to try to get the “word on the street”. Half heads to the Butcher’s Block and the others to the Blood Pit.

At the Butcher’s Block, Elric and Turga Killdrak have a memorable encounter with Trunfeld Three-Teeth, a scarred and disgusting ogre proprietor who apparently sells information at too high a price for the PCs (20 gp a pop). The angry, short-tempered ogre is constantly shoveling handfuls of his specialty “slop-slop” into his toothless maw, and ultimately negotiations break down when his knowledge of slop-slop is called into question.

At the Blood Pit, the rest of the party talk to the bookie there, Felgar. After selling Adrin Xiloscent a beer that scrambles his senses of taste & hearing, the hyper-active gnomes spins a tale about how a shadow-demon walks the streets of the Hive, stalking barmies and eating their very souls! Apparently, it used to be a Guvner and is planning to overthrow the Lady of Pain herself! Surprisingly, the PCs seem to take this entire tale at face value, only beginning to doubt it hours alter after reading up on shadow demons at the local library.

The PCs visit the Mortuary and speak with Toranna the Grey about Eliath – and she confirms that someone matching that description was indeed turned in not too long ago. And the body was sent through a portal into the Plane of Fire to be cremated.

During their travels through the Hive, the PCs also encountered “the Dancing Man,” a crazed bubber ridigly cavorting around the slums, ranting about various Demon Princes and dark gods. They aren’t able to make much sense of his rantings, but the moment he is out of their site, they hear a cry. Racing after him, they find him struck stone-dead.

The PCs also encountered a group of Collectors, the lowest of the low who make their living collecting dead bodies and turning them into the Dustmen for coin. They are able to confirm that more barmies have been dying than usual, and that they all seem to have just “gone to sleep and not woken up.”

Elric has a tense meeting with Derioch Ysarl, a Bleaker who accuses him of being behind the murders. He is able to talk her down and she ultimately agrees to share whatever she can uncover about the missing barmies in the Gatehoue records in exchange for the PCs sharing whatever information they uncover.

Notes & Commentary

A lot of the comments this session focused on skills. That was what most of the rolls were, and a couple players commented that they wanted more skills, and to get them more often.


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