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The Eternal Boundary, part 2

In which the PCs have an ill-fated appointment

Unsure where to progress and feeling like they are at a bit of a dead end (since the target they were looking for, Eliath, is apparently dead & cremated), the PCs change their tactics and try to see if they can track down where the barmy lived. Maybe he kept notes about his work.

Belker Bitterleath IV was passing the time by checking for bounties when he got a surprising invitation: someone left a bowl of slop-slop for him, with a wooden “business card” in it, showing the symbol of a very low-rent “bar” in the Hive – an establishment so low-rent it doesn’t have an official name, just a “bent dragon” image. A time later that night is clumsily carved into the wood.

This was clearly an invitation from Trunfeld Three-Teeth, owner of the Butcher’s Block and big fan of slop-slop.

The “Bent Dragon” turns out to be a dead-end alley/alcove that was turned into a “bar.” Or, at the very least, it had something of a roof and some seats and took bubber’s money.

Somewhat cautious, they send Belker ahead to investigate and it is indeed a trap! They are attacked by four well-armed and trained mercenaries. Belker goes down almost instantly, but the rest of the group springs into action.

In the ensuring fight, the druid webs the entire alleyway, the ranger leaps into the web to try to rescue the dying rogue, and then the druid lights the whole thing on fire, destroying the “bar” and almost killing the rogue & ranger. The Turga Killdrak is apparently killed with a single spell from a hidden wizard.

The party barely manages to overcome the ambush, killing the four mercenaries. The wizard escapes, however.

The PC patch themselves up and take their “dead” cleric to Elric‘s usual doctor, an alchemist neogi by the name of Lethrane. She mixes some potions together in her mouth and squirts them straight into Turga’s mouth. She determines he isn’t actually dead – just subject to a feign death spell, which she lifts.

Rescuing Turga raises Elric’s tab with Lethrane to “7”.

Notes & Commentary

This was the most complicated fight so far, both in number of enemies and their capabilities. As a GM, I found the most challenging part was not just making up stats on the fly (which would be easier if I studied the playtest monster manual more) but also not having the institutional knowledge of what 2nd edition (or even 3rd edition) spells do. How does feign death actually work? What about scare or slow? What do darts of seeking do, exactly? It all worked out well enough, but it was lots of hand-waving and “make a Wisdom saving throw…”

On the player’s side, they were (as always) surprised by how quickly combat can turn deadly. I was surprised by how few hit points they had – everyone thought it was odd that the druid had the most hit points by far. He’s got a high Con and rolled well (everyone else was a bit below average).

The rogue seems to be having trouble keeping track of what his powers are, how they work, when to use them, how advantage/disadvantage works, etc.

The druid was really surprised there aren’t any spells targeting 1 creature, or multi-target “enemies only” spells. He’s gotten used to 4th edition terminology & tactics.

This was also the first full sessions with our new player, an adorable little 8 year old.


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