Gnarled, "gnome-like" peddler in the Hive, sold PCs an "amulet guaranteed to ward off evil enchantments yes yes yes"


A peddler in the Hive.

Runs a shop that’s actually just an archway across the street so everyone has to duck under to pass. Hundreds of apparently worthless necklaces and amulets dangle in front of customers’ faces.

Daz itself is a gnarled, gnome-like creature. A bit twisted and almost grown in on itself.

It think it’s a great salesman: “This amulet is guaranteed to ward off evil enchantments! Yes yes yes! It’s obviously working, since there are no evil enchantments nearby!”

It managed to sell one to the PCs after suggesting that it might be able to remember something about the target they were looking for, if only it could sell one more amulet. The information it offered up might have been dubious, but at least Elric is protected from evil now, right?


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