A spinagon baatezu guarding the portal where the PCs first arrived in Avernus


Original 2e stat block
(Planar / male spinagon / HD 3+3 / LE) Int average (10); AC 4; AC 4; MV 6, Fl 18 ©; hp 20; THAC0 17; #AT 3: Dmg 1-4/1-4/by weapon; SA flame spikes; MR 15%; SZ S (3 feet tall); ML average (8); XP 7,500


A least baatezu charged with guarding the arrival point of a portal to Avernus. He was pretty sure that he got the job as a punishment but at least nothing would ever happen to him out here – until the PCs showed up.

The charmed him and almost took his pitchfork and made him leave his post.

They eventually let him go because he was “funny.” We’ll see if that comes around to bite them in the ass down the road.


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