Wand of frozen missles

shoots magic missiles


has 7 charges each day. If you spend 1 charge, it shoots three missiles. If you spend 2 charges, it shoots 4 missiles. if you spend 3, it shoots 5 missiles. all of the missiles function as magic missiles, dealing 1d4+1 points of damage without an attack roll. However, they deal cold damage instead of force damage. It is an icicle in physical form, and constantly drips. It sheds light on command, an ability that priests of the elemental prince of water found useful while underwater where torches won’t work. Also, it’s imbued with illusion magic so it can change appearance at will.


Bought by Adrin Xilosceint at Catsglove’s magic arms and armor. it’s a religious icon of the evil elemental prince of water created by his priests. Created from frozen water from the elemental plane of water, and blessed by the priest to stay frozen, the wand radiates very faint evil in addition to evocation magic.

Wand of frozen missles

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