2nd edition conversion notes

Full disclosure: I loathe AD&D 2e. Gives me hives. But I love Planescape & Dark Sun. So I am forever torn.

But the point here is how to handle math conversion in monster stat blocks.

The Planescape books were pretty good about really brief stat blocks, but obviously they’re all for 2e. THAC0 and all that.

Since I don’t have any real experience with how that was supposed to work, I just guessed and ran with it.

Hit points & damage seemed about comparable, compared to a very quick check of the D&D Next bestiary. Lemures were pretty easy and an owlbear was a brief challenge. Letting it claw/claw/bite might have been a bit brutal, though.

For AC and attack, though, I’m not as confident. I basically just flopped the numbers, subtracting them from 20 to get appropriate values, so THAC0 15 became +5 to hit and AC 5 became 15.

I basically assumed that 2nd edition AC 0 was equivalent to full=plate with shield and that’s basically AC 20 in D&D Next, then I worked back from there.

Seemed about right in action, but without any 2nd edition grounding, it’s hard to really say I’ve got it right.

Currently, I’m ad libbing monsters, for the most part. Taking the old stat block and just winging it. Partly because that’s easy and partly because I got in the habit of just using Sly Flourish ’s fantastic DM cheat sheet to run all my monsters in 4e, really only using stat blocks for flavor.

We’ll see how that pans out, but if anyone with experience with both 2e and Next could chime in and let me know if i’m way off base, that would be a huge help.

2nd edition conversion notes

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