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Doors to the Unknown, Part the Whatever

Wherein we try to get back into the saddle after a long absence

It’s been a while since the last update. We’ve still been playing, but it’s been hard to find the time to jot everything down. Still having trouble figuring out a good way to keep proper notes, other than to just go straight home and get it in right away, which isn’t always feasible. Plus, I’m lazy.

We had a big gap in the game due to the holidays, though, so I figured this was a good opportunity to get back into things. I’ll try to go back and catch up in a big summary post, but for now I’m just going to pick up like nothing happened.

Also, I’m not sure I’m going to have as much to add in for playtest comments. The kids haven’t been interacting with new aspects of the rules, I don’t think. I may use this space to put up the conversions I do, though, as I think I need to get better about that and prep more for each session.

Suffice to say the PCs have been going through some portals and running different errands that are just now starting to appear connected…

In the last session, the PCs rescued the mad dwarven prophet Garmundi from an abyssal retriever in a forgotten vault in Agathion, a layer of Pandemonium. it was a high cost, though, as Clarent the barbarian fell, valiantly holding off the retriever as the rest of the party escaped back to Sigil.

They delivered Garmundi to Origax, the high-up wizard that promised them 1,000 platinum each for the safe return of the dwarf. They didn’t even bother reporting to Coranthol, the Athar elf who had originally hired them but was paying about 1/10th as much. Conveniently, Clarent was the only Athar in the group.

During a two-week period of downtime, most of the characters went on a shopping spree.

Elric decided to enter in a business arrangement with Trunfeld Three-Teeth, investing 5,000 gp in the “Clarent Chubbs Memorial Orientation Center for Newly Arrived Primes.” The disgusting ogre is excited at the opportunity to fleece unsuspecting primes, though Elric’s motives are unclear.

Jianyu is considering also investing, though he’s not sure in what. His player was given the homework assignment to figure out what he would buy or build. A special shop? A church or shrine dedicated to the hummingbird god? An aerie specifically for hummingbirds? A “dojo” of sorts teaching his path of honor?

Zorlo spent the time working with Belker Bitterleath IV (the player’s previous character) to hunt down a major bounty, a Robin Hood-esque character who had sworn only to steal from the rich and give to the needy. A merchant lord had put up a bounty and the pair hunted the criminal down, killing him and claiming his “Stone Bow” as a prize. The merchant boasted of the deed to everyone who would listen, so now all of the bounty’s friends (he had many) know what Zorlo did… (this was the justification for letting the player purchase a very rare magic item, this was his complication).

Returning to the adventure, the PCs receive an invitation to have a business lunch with Estavan, the overly-friendly ogre mage merchant lord. He hires them to escort an agent of his through an intermittent and relatively unknown portal to see what “business opportunities” can be found on the other side. He also convinces Adrin Xiloscent, a Sensate, to drink a great deal of some fantastic beverage that allows the imbiber to taste what others around them are eating. Eventually, Adrin failed a Constitution saving throw when drinking it. The player doesn’t know what effect that will have yet, though.

The PCs went to speak with Lissandra the Gate Seeker to find out how activate the portal, but were repeatedly interrupted.

First, a fhorge (a giant “murder-pig”) ran rampant in the street, but they defeated it relatively easily. A knife had been plunged in the creature’s rump, pinning a pamphlet of the Society of Locked Doors.

After that, Lissandra was able to complete some research to confirm that the portal is actually a strange creature in Sigil. You have to step into it to activate it.

Before she could confirm the key, assassins attacked, shooting arrows from hiding. The PCs were able to mostly protect Lissandra and even kill two of the assassins. The arrows had more pamphlets wrapped around them.

Just as Lissandra uncovered the actual portal key, another group of assassins directly confronted the PCs, angry that they kept interfering with a perfectly good assassination plan.

And that’s where we stopped.


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